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In addition to being a FGASA Endorsed Training Provider, we've been providing courses since the year 2000. Our courses are well recognized and accepted throughout the industry and we have hundreds of past graduates working at lodges and reserves all through Sub-Saharan Africa. Our courses will certainly be of great benefit and enhancement to your C.V.

We however, do not guarantee employment or seek out work for students. Neither can we comment on any work restrictions for non- South Africans.

All course offerings are certificate courses. Successful course graduates will have an industry recognized certificate posted to them.


WildlifeCampus does not offer practical training for this course. To enter this rewarding industry and gain experience, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Step 1. Start by doing the WildlifeCampus Game Lodge Management course, this will give you excellent theoretical training skills and an industry recognised certificate.
  • Step 2. Look to the nearest guest house or lodge in your area for volunteer opportunities and work your way up with experience.

Employment Advice

We asked Nico van Zyl from SafariStaff Africa to shine a light on how the WildlifeCampus Game Lodge Management course will help those entering the Game Lodge Management industry.
SafariStaff Africa provides specialist recruitment and training solutions for the lodge and safari industry across Southern Africa.

How does the WildlifeCampus Game Lodge Management course certificate help people in their job search/career change? Does it carry some weight?

The Game Lodge Management certificate carries a tremendous weight in the industry indeed!

The certificate provides credibility and evidence of academic knowledge to the very specialised skill set required to enter this industry.

Doing an online course shows commitment to the desired field of career and industry. By completing the certificate, candidates not only prove their commitment to the industry, but also demonstrate a sense of dedication in becoming a key professional role player in the lodge management environment.

Employers appreciate the dedication from candidates, in particular, the commitment made in order to obtain the certificate. This certificate raises the employability factor. The Game Lodge Management role is distinctively different from the urban hospitality approach and this certificate covers the broader spectrum of skill sets required. It is a fundamental stepping stone to building a foundation upon which a Game Lodge Manager can enhance a career with.

For candidates seeking to advance their careers internationally throughout the continent, the Game Lodge Management certificate is widely respected by many government institutes as the most desired substitute for a formal degree or diploma.

N. van Zyl

The certificate contributes to successfully gaining an advantage for the purpose of obtaining work permits in other African countries.

What basic steps can one take to enter the Game Lodge Management industry? And at what point can people get in touch with SafariStaff?

  • Step one would be to complete and achieve the Game Lodge Management certificate.
  • Secondly, ensure that you do have some sort of Game Lodge Management or safari related experience. One very strict criterium is the need for having lived and worked in the bush. The romance associated with the idea of working in the African bush is masked by the reality that it is a very harsh environment and if not previously experienced can have a major impact on newbie managers.
  • Thirdly, provide record of some experience as employers will simply reject candidates who have not previously experienced working in remote bush environments.
  • Finally, if you’re not a people’s person, this is not for you. Many make the mistake and think that working in the industry, remotely and away means being away from people. Not true! In fact, it’s the opposite as the majority of your management career success depends on customer feedback and face to face interaction with your guests. At the end of the day your success very much depends on your personality.
SafariStaff has a policy of building business and career path success through collaboratively developing business relationships.
We have an open door, any day approach policy. We are direct, transparent and open in order to provide a very personalised service. If we can’t help we will steer our candidates in the right direction with constructive feedback and advice.
Our relationship with WildlifeCampus is one to provide our candidates with the right tools to start. We will in all instances endeavour to assist in a placement where possible for candidates who have completed the certificate subsequent to a first engagement with SafariStaff.
However, for any Mid Management to Senior Assistant Management role we would require candidates to be able to illustrate a minimum of 3 years consecutively employed in the industry. Senior to General Management positions we would typically require candidates to demonstrate a minimum of 5 years consecutively in a similar position.

N. van Zyl

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